группа Вконтакте по Adobe Premiere Pro 2023



Playing and Zooming Audio

Toggle between Waveform/Multitrack Editor


Start/stop playback


Move current-time indicator to beginning


Move current-time indicator to end


Move indicator to previous marker, clip, or selection edge

(CMD) + Left arrow

Move indicator to next marker, clip, or selection edge

(CMD) + Right arrow

Toggle preference for Return CTI

Shift + X

Zoom in horizontally

!ERROR! undefined variable 'equal'

Zoom in vertically

Option + = (equal)

Zoom out horizontally

- (minus)

Zoom out vertically

Option + - (minus)

Add marker

M or * (asterisk)

Editing Audio Files

Repeat previous command

Shift + R

Open previous command dialog box

(CMD) + R

Open Convert Sample Typle dialog box

Shift + T

Capture a noise reduction profile

Shift + P

Activate left channel for editing

Up arrow

Activate right channel for editing

Down arrow

Make spectral display more logarithmic/linear

(CMD) + Option + Up/Down arrow

Make spectral display fully logarithmic/linear

(CMD) + Option + Page Up/Down

Increase/decrease spectral resolution

Shift + ⌘ (CMD) + Up/Down arrow

Mixing Multitrack Sessions

Select same input/output for all audio tracks

(CMD) + Shift + Select

Adjust knobs in large increments

Shift + Drag

Adjust knobs in small increments

(CMD) + Drag

Nudge selected clip to the left

Option + , (comma)

Nudge selected clip to the right

Option + . (period)

Maintain keyframe time position or parameter value

Shift + Drag

Reposition envelope segment without creating keyframe

(CMD) + Drag